Donate to Pathways

A donation to Pathways is an investment in our community.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic health disease, but treatment provides afflicted individuals with a chance to resume productive lives. Untreated, substance abuse can lead to dire and sometimes fatal consequences. The economic ramifications and social disruptions are undeniable. 

Financial support by corporations, institutions and individuals is essential for the sustainability of Pathways Bermuda and our programmes. Support of these services, including matching corporate donations, help ensure that programmes are funded, operational needs are met, and that successful, quality treatment services remain available to Bermuda residents.

A donation to Pathways Bermuda will help change and save lives because we are uniquely positioned to offer extraordinary services and world-class addiction treatment: 

  • Our strategic partnership with the Caron US Treatment Centers which have nearly 60 years of experience in the treatment field, providing client access to world class treatment and resources.
  • We are the only on-Island facility that provides a seamless transition of aftercare treatment in alignment with the primary care modalities as utilized at the Caron US Treatment Centers.
  • We are the only provider with the capabilities to provide telemedicine in conjunction with our Caron US Strategic Partners.   Video conferencing is available as a therapeutic and clinical supervision tool and has also been established as a protocol for assessment and evaluation of clients at the “front end” and returning clients at the “back end”. This enables a smooth transition for clients between the US and Bermuda clinical treatment teams, as well as providing them with quality assurance.
  • We are uniquely providing adolescent group therapeutic treatment services through our partnership with Bermuda Youth Counseling Services (now Child and Family Services).
  • Pathways is the only nonprofit organization in the local treatment/recovery field to offer financial assistance in the form of scholarship funding to those requiring overseas residential treatment based upon clinical, means, and motivation assessments, and philanthropic support.
  • Pathways Bermuda’s access to quality overseas treatment and discreet, confidential after-care services away from Hamilton is a critical service for professionals and public servants whose careers could be compromised by receiving treatment in Bermuda.

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