Adolescent Program

Helping young people make better life decisions


One of the most challenging populations to address clinically is the adolescent, and early intervention and treatment is critical as it pertains to the development of a young person, both physiologically and emotionally. Adolescents require different treatment modalities than adults, and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development of adolescents differs from that of adults. 

Pathways’ adolescent outpatient program provides:

  • Easter and Summer Camps which combine a wide range of activities with learning about the effects of substance abuse and making right choices. 
  • assessment for drug and alcohol addiction
  • individual counseling
  • group therapy

Our Family Program complements our Adolescent Program by addressing topics such as:

  • raising responsible, healthy children in today’s challenging world
  • healthy communication strategies
  • rule-setting consequences and trust
  • why good kids sometimes make bad choices
  • resources for ongoing support for parents and children during adolescence


Having fun at the Kids of Summer Camp